Vodafone in my badbooks again

Got my bill with vodafone today and noticed that I’m being charged 5.99 per month for insurance against my will! GRRRR. For those of you who read the blog you’ll know i hate phone insurance. 71.88Euro a year for a phone which is now a year and a half obselete. No thanks!

Tried to ring the customer care team, was told the queue to talk to someone is over five mins, a conservative estimate i guessed and hung up.

So why the hell am i being charged Insurance. Well it was given as a free sweetner when i bought my phone and agreed a 18 month contract. They did send me a notice to offer to renew the insurance for a fee – took one look and into the shredder No thanks!

Then i looked over the bill, which i have to admit i only occasionally do. Three days of being in the UK, While signed up to their “Passport” deal – texting costs 31.41Euro. Not such a good deal, i should have texted from the laptop in the hotel or used my Roam 4 Free Card.

I think i’ll chat to O2 again sometime next week… having read about their new Broadband usb key, that they don’t charge higher rates for international texts and that their rates are nogotiable i may just move all the company accounts to them.

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