Why business? I made the decision when i was about 13 that i didn’t like being bossed around by superiors and correlated “bossing” to wanting to be my own boss. I was a definite challenge to teachers in school, so it’s ironic that i ended up being a teacher then in University College Dublin (UCD) teaching “Applied Business Competencies” for a year whilst doing my finals – I loved teaching and definitely found a life passion to share knowledge. However i decided if i truly wanted people to listen i better get off my ass and make some major accomplishments to give what i had to say more weight. So from then on it’s been all about entrepreneurship. Often in my life there’s a blur to where the line of work and play is, and i’ve done a lot of projects/business deals simply to gain skills rather than make money. Try explaining that to a 9-5’ers.

Currently i’m the CEO of Zatori Results LTD and spend my days split between my various businesses which include an online pet shop, a Swimwear business and The Costume Shop.