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How to choose a DJ for your event

Getting the right atmosphere at a party or event can be the most crucial part of organising any party. A large part of the atmosphere is often credited to the entertainment… so in the case the DJ. Think about the last wedding, for example you went to; for a large wedding they probably spent the same amount on finger food (not including the meal) as they did on the DJ. Can you honestly say the finger food made the difference??? A few days later were the guests still talking about the finger food?? But if the music was good and they danced the night away, you can be sure they’ll talk about what a great night it was.

So here’s a few basic questions worth asking every DJ or DJ agency. Do ring around and interview a few, its easy to say yes to finger food its also easy to end up with an equally un-memorable DJ!

1. Do you frequently do the type of event you want to book them for?

Some DJ’s specialise in different types of events, others are capable of a wide variety. You want to be sure that your event isn’t his training ground. If its a wedding you’ll want to be sure he/she has experience doing weddings.

2. Are you available on the specific date and how much do you charge?Vital pieces of information. Remember price isn’t always the only indicator of quality.

3. Do you use a written contract and require a deposit? It is often vital to ensure your DJ will show up to pay a deposit and sign a contract.

4. Do you have (insert appropriate types of music) and do you take requests?Its your event so it should be your taste of music. A good DJ can make everyone dance to his taste in music, A GREAT DJ can make everyone dance to your taste in music.

5. Do you use professional sound equipment?This is essential. Not only does cheap equipment sound poor, but it tends to break down which could ruin your night.

6. What if something goes wrong?
Do they have back up equipment? If the fall ill will they have a back up DJ? There reaction to this question seperates the Pro’s from the Wannabies.

7. Are you Vat registered?
Seems like an odd question but this is the ultimate difference between the semi-professional and the Professional. The majority of a DJs work is through referals (its also the best way to find a DJ, if you go to an event where you love the music – ask the DJ for his number) and if they are in demand, work regularily and are honest they will pass the VAT threshold. This they can’t fake! If they aren’t working regularily ask yourself why not and ask yourself if you want someone who is not at the top of his/her game. You might save a few euro but it might make the difference between a good and bad night.

DJ’s arent cheap, but the price / reward difference between the cost of an average and a great DJ is massive! If your going to pay for a DJ… Make sure you get a good one. Down lines are down at the moment, not sure exactly whats going on but will let you know when its fixed. At the moment you will get an engaged tone some of the time when accessing our cheap international calls access numbers. Apologies to all our users.

+++++++++ Update ++++++++

Problem resolved, everythings back up and running

EU Roaming rates loophole!

Although the EU has told mobile networks their customers must be able to call at a maximum price of 49c/min and receive calls for a max of 24c/min by the end of August 2007, some networks seem to be taking the wording a little too literally. Although it is available, some networks for example O2, wont give it to you unless you SPECIFIACLLY ASK FOR IT.

With O2 you must ask for the “My Europe” add-on, to get the reduction. So although you’ve seen your entitlements and think your getting the legal requirements its still very worth getting intouch with your operator, if you don’t they can screw you. Lets face it we all don’t check our tarrifs monthly and can’t rely on the networks for value for money.

So you could end up spending up to €12 euros for a 4-minute call when you think your paying €1.98!

Personally i think this is underhanded on the part of the greedy networks. Even at the EU reduced rates, roaming charges are still insanely over inflated considering the wholesale price of the calls.


Driving Simulator

Galway based training centre Sim2Learn has opened its first outlet in galway and is planning to roll out centres throught the country in every major town via franchise agreements.

Using the Faros model range of driving simulators. With three screens (windows based) used to create 3D environment. Courses include 50% theory and 50% in the simulator, with the advanced course also including real on the road experience.

Full spec of system is here

Its only a matter of time now till passing a simulation test will be required to gain a provisional driving licence. But thats still quite a few years down the road.

Sim2Learn, Driving Simulator

How to make money through collaboration

Jay abraham is one of my favourite Marketing Guru’s. The guy just see’s though business and simplifies things in a way that makes it easy to grow a business in multiples.

Click here to read the first chapter of one of his books called Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got. It’ll teach you the laws of leverage and marketing concepts for anyone in any industry… Including Muggers!! 🙂

Nokia combat battery life problem

The below post is taken from Pat Phelen’s Blog and i’ll definately be queueing up to get one, considering i’d quite happily prefer to leave home without clothes rather that with my mobile working. On my old 8800 i used to carry around 2 spare batteries everywhere i went cause it could rarely last the day without charging.

From Pat’s Blog:

One area which is going seriously backwards in an industry which is moving forwards at breakneck speed is batteries.
Nokia appear to be one of the first companies to address this with a press release today informing us of the imminent launch of Nokia Power Pack DC-1.

“A busy lifestyle means you may not always be conveniently near a power outlet when you need one – but now you can be. The Nokia Power Pack DC-1 has reserve power in a pretty and portable package, so you can take the equivalent of up to three batteries** with you and recharge your mobile device when you most need it. Compatible with Nokia 2mm charging interfaces, the power pack has two charge output cables so you can easily charge two devices at the same time. Available globally, it will cost an estimated 105 euro, without taxes”

So you can leave your multiple batteries at home, this charger gives you the equivalent of three batteries, excellent move by Nokia

Pricey Picture Frames

Whats with the price of picture frames nowadays? I wanted to pic up a frame for a piece of art i bought, called into the local frame warehouse near the office, where they wanted to charge me 112 euro’s which seem fairly steep. So i looked online and there seems to be very little by means of online retailers selling standard sized large picture frames. That has to be a decent business oppertunity for someone out there!

AIB Sandyford industrial estate attempted robbery 23rd August 07

Had an eventful lunch break today. Was going to the bank at sandyford industrial estate and the guard armed response unit burst onto the scene to foil an attempt at robbing a secure truck delivering cash to an ATM. The armed response unit scretched around the corner, jumped out guns in hand with flash bang grenades firing off, and using stun guns and very little force arrested 3 people. Gotta say i was really impressed with the garda reaction, they were extremely professional and efficient. As were the senior management at AIB. I’m sure we’ll find out more in tomorrows newspapers.

+++++++ Follow up ++++++

It was on the news tonight. 9mm gun was recovered from the armed robbers (aged 27, 32 and 33) and it was said that it is believe that it was part of an investigation into a crumlin based gang.

Strategic planning of HR

I went to a talk this evening in conjunction with my Plato team and speaking was Gerry Rooney Managing Director of Polaris HR Ltd. Gotta say i was really impressed by him and some of his idea’s really got me thinking, i’ll definately be revisiting the My strategic plans tomorrow.

One of the points i liked is to consider hiring new staff the same as any other investment. They need to create a ROI of at least 3/4 their investment after a reasonable introduction period. If you make an investment in staff and its just not working out, then you should revisit if you would make the same investment knowing what you now know. Sounds harsh at first but really is it fair to hold on to a staff when effectively what your doing is keeping them from reaching their full potential else where??

Dave Spoon & Lisa Maffia – Bad Girl (At Night)

Another top electro house tune doing the business on the dance floors 8/10.