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The unfortunate decision has been made to close down one of my business in the telecom sector. The business has been coasting along for some time now and although it has been breaking even, its future isn’t bright with the new technology that is coming online in the next few months, which will offer much better rates.

I’m deeply sorry to be letting down my loyal base of existing customers, who’s custom is most appreciated. will cease service on the 4th of november.

Sister company will continue to operate and there are some plans in the near future to improve the service further.

It’s wierd the way when one door closes another one opens and in the next few weeks i’ll post on another new little business venture which is planned for launch in November.

ISPCC Breakfast ’07

Just a quick thanks CEO Ashley Ballbernie and all the staff at the ISPCC who organised the “Childline Breakfast ’07”, i had the privledge of being the Entertainer (DJing for the kids) in Dublin Zoo yesterday alongside, clowns and Celeb guest Don Conroy from RTE’s the Den.

Great day out and very worthy cause!!

Greenogue Business Park – No thanks!

My Solicitor questioning whether the greenogue business park deeds were infact legal if the developer didnt pay stamp duty caused my plans to move the business’s to Greeenogue in rathcoole to fall through, i dont know the legal nitty gritty all i know is i was willing to buy and the bank weren’t willing to lend based on query’s that their legal guys wouldnt anwer. It was an expensive lesson, so if anyone’s looking to buy there have your solicitor ask that question first.

What i find incredible is the number of sales that have gone through there and apparently this has never come up before? Well i guess it pays to have the best solicitor.

The estate agents really werent happy when the deal was pulled

I have my eye on a few new locations so more news to follow soon…. I hope.

Digital Angel ’07

Fierce angels are back with another killer album.

Originaly planned as an itunes release, but it never appeared there and now it’s coming to the shops… Which in my opinion is better cause i love to collect the albums with The Jason Brooks Artwork.

Halloween is coming and its looking to be the best one yet!!


Me and Sabrina in army gear… Cute eh?


or Fernanda as a cop??


We’ll we’ve almost finnished developing the website for the costume business. I’d say about 90% of our market testing is done, i’ve kept the prices relatively low to stimulate sales and reflect that were an unknown brand. Our stock arrives tomorrow morning and we’ve done about 10 orders so far, which for testing a market is pretty great in my opinion.

I’ve been spending time reading some great costume blogs from people in the field Kristen, CostumZee and for those making your own costumes… This guy and this guy are awesome!

Halloween Costumes in Ireland!

So i havent blogged in a week, but with good reason. In my last post i was complaining i couldnt find the halloween costumes i wanted from an Irish supplier. Well I found a solution… or should i say i made a solution. A close friend of mine read the post and late Sunday night (whilst in the supermarket) we hatched a plan to start our own online Irish costume website over the phone. Its wednesday now and later tonight or by the latest tomorrow our site should be fully functional and open for business. We’ve already got about 10 orders from friends who were having the same problems. And our first shipment of supplies will be maufactured and delivered by Monday – fast tracked by excellent suppliers. This is by far the fastest i’ve ever launched a business and its an incredibly fun experience. If this test run succeeds i’ll re-brand it and re-launch on a larger scale for christmas.

Now whilst doing back ground i have to admit i did find several Irish websites, but by then i had started churning idea’s and i believe its possible to compete with them and win.

I’ll post later when the site is up and running. Would love any feedback, suggestions, critique etc.

Business Concept

So Halloween is coming around again and i’m back searching for a costume, this time online. Being in Ireland this is fairly Frustrating as Online shopping here just isn’t what it should be! I found a great costume at but ofcourse they wont ship to Ireland. I reckon there’s a big enough market to make this a very worthwhile venture for someone!

Hoodlessbrennan Starting to be very annoying

When trading online i’ve been using, now i’m not the most sophisticated investor but wouldnt be a novice either. So in the last year i’ve have two big gripes about Hoodlessbrennan.

1). The hoodlessbrennan advisory service SUCKS, avoid it at all costs! I made a huge error of opening an advisory account and taking their advice with minimal background research on the trades – assuming their broker was more sophisticated than me. I’d advise anyone to stay well away from this and here’s why – Unless your high net worth, your nothing more than a 10 pound comission to them, which they get if you win or loose. Small investors are the bottom step in the ladder and are given the good advice after everyone else is already in the trade – hense its no longer good advice. My “advisor” lost 60% on his account before i cut my losses and realised that while the “professional” was loosing bucket loads i managed a respectable 40% return on my execute only account.

2). Limits dont always work. Today i can see trades going through for higher prices (same volumes) as my limit orders. If sometimes you can’t trade online (you have to phone in) then how can you expect your limits to be executed online?? OK so this is possible with any service but it’s getting very frustrating. So far today two limits failed to execute.

Avenue Q in New York

So i’m new york at the moment and the other night i went to see Avenue Q on broadway. I’ve been wanting to see this show for ages and it was everything i had hoped for – i sat in the theater with the biggest grin for the whole thing. Check out this flash box, it’ll cheer up your day!