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Junior Entrepreneur Program

Can entrepreneurship be taught? I think so.

The Junior Entrepreneur Program (JEP) is a 10 week entrepreneurial education program for primary school pupils. The program is about introducing the concept of entrepreneurs to kids before the school systems have set them on a path to before teachers, lawyers or factory workers – by that i mean following the path our schools current consider success. More than half the children in our school will end up in jobs that currently dont exist. So our plan is to teach them to think for themselves and learn to create value for other, which then results in profit – real cash rewards, money they earned!

The program uses things they are learning in school while giving them purpose literacy, writing, presentation, drawing, technology, researching, numeracy, financial, consumer awareness, storytelling, listening, creative thinking, problem solving, team building and collaboration.

We’ve had 6,500+ students through the program and at the moment we are doing a last minute drive to recruit schools to participate. If you are a teacher, school board member or parent, please join us in trying to get your school to sign up. We understand that schools have zero funds – which is why JEP as assembled a team of Top Irish Entrepreneurs who not only pay all the expenses needed to make the program happen but also offer a local project manager for the course. It requires no extra teach hours, the course plan.

I’m Proud to be one of many backers of this project and with being based in Laois I’m the co-ordinator for the Laois area. Laois is an area that really will benefit from this project as with so many public sector jobs, private sector jobs and entrepreneurial activity really is required to get. If any one has any questions or needs support getting their school signed up, please reach out to me and I’ll do whatever i can to help get this project rolling in your school. We really want as manay children as possible to not only benefit from the project but to become empowered in their thinking. Best way to reach out is on twitter.

For more info visit our website. Please join me and my fellow entrepreneurs, bringing this vital education to the next generation.