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Disco Heaven


Release Date : 15/10/2007

It’s been 18 months since the last Disco Heaven was released, but now it finally returns with all the glitter and shine as usual. Featuring only the hottest, most heavenly disco house and uplifting US garage. You can find tracks from Barbara Tucker, Dave Armstrong, Milk & Sugar, Bob Sinclar, Sessomatto and more.

Just 2 discs in standard MOS format, here’s the tracklist:

CD 1.

01 » Sessomatto Feat. Carolyn Harding
And I’m Telling You (You’re Gonna Love Me) (Original Vibe Mix)LISTEN

02 » Ijah
Nitelife (Grant Nelson Remix)LISTEN

03 » Warren Clarke Feat. Shena
Lifting (Main Mix)LISTEN

04 » Soularis
Back Together (DJ Memo & MoD Remix)LISTEN

05 » Vee Scott
Gimme Your Love (Oliver Lang & Sandro Vocal Mix)LISTEN

06 » Groove Invaderz Feat. Nicole Tyler
Keep Risin’ (Kid Massive Vocal Remix)LISTEN

07 » Jonni Black Vs Una Mas

08 » Starchaser Feat. Shena
Let Your Mind Go Free (Emergency) (FatBlock Mix)LISTEN

09 » Pleasure Seekers

10 » T-Street
We Love House (Original Mix)LISTEN

11 » Barbara Tucker
Love Vibrations (Josh Harris Club Mix)LISTEN

12 » Bob Sinclar
Champs Elysees Theme (Jamie Lewis Remix)LISTEN

13 » M&S Presents Starvue
Let The Music Spill (Original Mix)

CD 2

01 » Candy Williams Feat. Whiteside
Have It All (Milk & Sugar Club Mix)LISTEN

02 » Raul Rincon Presents Carolina Escolano
Mi Amor (Sweet Carolina Vox)LISTEN

03 » Andrea T Mendoza Feat. Manuela
Put Your Hands Up (Supereyes Mix)LISTEN

04 » Henrik B
Soul Heaven (E-Squire Remix)LISTEN

05 » Hernandez Vs DJ Tyo
Let You Down (Extended Vocal Mix)LISTEN

06 » My Friend Sam Feat. Viola Wills
It’s My Pleasure (E-Squire Mix)LISTEN

07 » Milk & Sugar
Higher & Higher (2007 Club Mix)LISTEN

08 » Georgie Porgie
Lift Your Voices (Wideboys Anthemic Club Mix)LISTEN

09 » Prom
All Over Me LISTEN

10 » Dave Armstrong
Love Has Gone (Club Mix)LISTEN

11 » Alan Braxe & Kris Menace
Lumberjack (Original)LISTEN

12 » AC Soul Symphony
The Kinda Love (Joey Negro Disco Blend Mix)

Samples at Hed Kandi site

Saw ad add on the TV tonight for a website called DJs4U. Its a nationwide website that has DJ’s for hire (only 15!!! in the Dublin reigon).

The concept in short, DJs for 350 euro to advertise and then the customers go direct. The website somehow forks out money for a TV add campaign and other advertising. The DJs seem to write their own reviews of their work / capabilities and with names like ‘DJ Stampo’ well lets just say having worked in the industry for over 8 years i’ve never heard of any of them bar one.

Also the business runs Bands4U which seems to have a more impressive scope of acts.

Technorati Ping

Some people will go to extremes to get a good look at these yachts :)


3G roaming ripoff

I’ll be travelling a lot in the next few weeks and one piece of kit i definately wont be using is my 3G card. Last month a co-worker got a wopping 216 Euro charge for checking 12mb of E-mails simply for being over the boarder between the republic and northern Ireland.

This really makes my blood boil since it was using the same network – Vodafone (grrrr – their very much in my bad books lately) and there is no possible way they can justify 216Euro’s to use existing infastructure. Its a Ripp off plain and simple… The guy in question put it perfectly himself – “if i had known it’d cost that much i would have driven back down the road and checked my email for free!”

Last sats gig – Velvet in Swords (Dublin)

Simon Fun Run

Signed up today for the Simon Fun Run to raise funds for the Simon community which does great work for the homeless here in Ireland.

Running with me is Steve Cooper (Q102), Ray Shah (ex Big Brother and nightclub DJ), and Alan McQuillan (2fm). If you wanna join us or make a donation feel free to get in touch the more the merrier. And if we Die before the finnish line we’ll refund your money. Come on its for a good cause.

My blog now availble in Podcast form, just click Listen now!

Odiogo which turns Blogs into Podcasting and i think it’s just awesome. I’m using this concept to create extra hours in my week by multitasking.

ahhh Vodafone!!!

You gotta watch these guys like a hawk.

Having sent an E-mail to my account manager some time ago asking for our entitled EU roaming rates, i assumed we had them.

Then i spend this last week trying to ring “my business account manager” who wouldn’t answer his phone about another matter (being overcharged!!). So i rang the general number for business queries and i’m delighted to report i got through straight away to a very professional & friendly rep (Vodafone promote “Emma” for excellence in customer service). Anyway back to point, “my business account manager” left the company and at no point did they think it was important to tell me as a client. Nore was a simple voice message left on his phone or an automated e-mail response sent when i e-mailed. How can a multimillion euro business get customer satisfaction so wrong???


Follow up – Said Business manager has not left the company as he called me yesterday… Still not resolved my problems.

Last nights gig