About Me

The Early Years

When i was four i went on strike in school cause i was working so hard and not getting paid like my daddy did. The next day i received 2p in an envelope from the teacher and was motivated for the rest of term.

For the next few years i played around in business. I started my own little car wash business where i washed cars in the neighborhood and when someone told us (me and various enlisted friends) to come back in a few weeks to do it again the could expect a few weeks later to find a kid at their door… we washed whatever was in their drive at the time assuming they remembered asking us to the month before. It was extra to clean the roof cause we couldn’t reach that well. We had fun and usually had our profits spend within the day.

I never really took to the whole schooling system, it just wasn’t the way i was programmed. As a dyslexic everything took me longer to write down and i was usually frustrated. Being sent to boarding school didn’t help and i didn’t make my life any easier by standing up against anything i didn’t feel was logical. I distinctly remember being laughed at by one teacher when i told him i wanted to study commerce in University – apparently i wasn’t smart enough and should have set my aspirations lower.

The budding Entrepreneur

At 16 i was managing to turn my hobby as a DJ into a successful way to make money. I had borrowed money from my parents to afford the equipment, practiced religiously every night for several years (i even got the boarding school to let me have my decks in my room arguing that they were as relevant a musical instrument as a violin).

Not content with just DJing i got involved in club promotions, first under 18’s as i wasn’t allowed in the over 18’s clubs yet and later was promoting and DJing the most successful student night in the city… until the club went bust and i ended up loosing a fair whack – probably a cheap lesson in the whole scheme of things though.

I then decided that i wanted to focus on new and emerging markets. I got involved in simulation training in 2004 and although it’s been slow moving, its an industry that i believe has great potential. In late 2005 early 2006, i took part in a television show about entrepreneurs called “The Fund” on RTE1. It was a great experience and i’ve never met a nicer bunch of people as the entrepreneurs on the show, i still keep intouch with some of them.

Whilst trying to set up the simulation business i was talking to one of my mentors Alan Keane about the ridiculous price of international calls. He put me in touch with a few people and later that year my first telecom business was born. After a few set backs and some costly lessons things started taking off in the UK followed. In 2008 as the technology became out dated, so we discontinued in Ireland. The UK platform I believe is still operational.

Currently I act as CEO of Zatori Results Ltd, a specialist e-commerce firm. I also own and am closely involved in The Costume Shop – Ireland’s Biggest Online Fancy Dress Costume Shop, which is great fun and really lets the big kid in me out. I also run an online bikini shop, Ireland’s top online pet shop, a specialist Wheelchair and Mobility Shop and Marine Electronics, which is an online specialist company in Radar and electronic equipment in the marine Industry. I’m also on the Board of Martek Ltd and have multiple other businesses and investments.