Why Firefox is better that Internet Explorer

One of my pet loves finding ways to make myself more effective and get more results with less effort… Essentially i’m a lazy person at heart. If your still using internet explorer, then do yourself a favour and give Firefox a try, i reckon you too like millions of others will become a convert.

I used to be a internet explorer user like so many others. It arrived on the computers and since i didnt know any better i thought it was adequate. It was the same laziness that stopped me from trying it, that would never lt me go back to Internet explorer. Here’s Jimmy R with a great demo of loads of ways to make your life easier with FireFox3.

2 Responses to Why Firefox is better that Internet Explorer

  1. Rafiq says:

    You need to try Google Chrome 🙂

    Converted me instantly from Firefox!

  2. Ronan says:

    I have it, im kinda half and half between the two, i like some of the plugins firefox has. Why do you reckon its better?

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