Why do you work???

I’m probably classed as a work-a-holic. I don’t look at it like a bad thing – but the difference is that i know its temporary. I’ll probably retire in a few years – but just for a few months, because i honestly expect i’d get bored of travelling. I love it that much, to me its a game.

Take today i did the whole company executive “work day” (10-12 hours), later tonight i’ll travel to my favourite bar; and do a 5 hour DJ set. Tomorrow (Saturday) i spend the afternoon lecturing at the Dublin Music Achamedy (6 hours) Followed by another dj set DJing infront of 2000 people at Spirit (57) Nightclub. But to me thats fun.

One of the people i really look up to is Author Timothy Ferris, the guy is really inspirational. Here’s why:

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