UK Companies with Rip off “Euro” Price Lists

I’ve been slow to make this post as i dont want to mention the list of companies i’ve come across doing it but it’s really annoyed me that so many B2B business who sell ex works UK have got on the PaddyTax band waggon.

The argument for Irish shops charging more more is that they have higher costs Etc. However when distributors are selling from the UK is the most blatent example of the grass is greener on the Irish side and therefore it can hack a (from my experience) 15% – 20% increase above their UK price. When challenged they usually say they fix their prices when the exchange rate was different and they can’t change it now. A load of rubbish, but thats their line and its take it or leave it in their eyes.

So my advice is if your buying from the UK check the exchange rate and if their riding the Paddytax Wagon insist on paying Sterling if they will allow it.

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