The business opportunity of Wireless Electricity

Probably the biggest change in the coming 10 years to peoples life styles is the advent of wireless electricity. As we any major shift it the rules of how thing are done, massive opportunity presents itself for a wide variety of new business to rocket forth and fill this new gap in demand. As with any business concept timing is everything and although if you offered the service in the morning no one would require it, in a short few years getting wireless electricity panels inserted into homes – in their walls, below their concrete floors etc will be massive opportunity for many business. It will be a demand that will likely be almost impossibly be able to met by the supply, hence a possibility of a super normal boom and bubble profit for the first and hence market leaders in this field.

The technology is already here, scientifically proven and working. In fact the potential has been around since Nikola Tesla invented it as early as 1893, but back then the need for remote charging of wireless electric cars and phones was less of an imminent need.

Will the current electricity providers be innovative enough to supply the early adopters hence keeping their control on the market? Possibly but i don’t think it’s likely as large companies with existing investment in the wired system are less likely to encourage it than say some new eco wind or wave power company that are struggling to gain market movement to their new systems; Airtricity come to mind.

If i was to hazard a guess i reckon they will in the end outsource much of the work to a company that has a faster reaction and collaboration employee structure. It’s a big opportunity, one which will make the next generations of millionaires.

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