Talk Talk charges to 1520 numbers

I had an email today asking about Talk Talk’s cost to 1520 numbers. Googled it out of interest and it took a while to find info so i thought i’d do a quick post.

TalkTalk are charging 21/25c (noone seems to know for sure) per minute and billing by minute, as opposed to second to ring 1520 numbers. Eircom set the rates for 1520/1530 numbers as they are premium rate numbers, however other companies are entitled to set their own. O2 charge 20c, Vodafone 25c and Meteor have recently upped their prices to 30c – which i can understand since their mobile operators focused on winning the foreign national market who benefit most from using 1520 numbers to call abroad from telecoms like my CheapChat business. Saying that Meteor have really great rates for international calls, which is definately a step in getting people to realise how ripped off they’re getting on paying for international calls from other providers.

What annoys me about talk talk is there inability to let customers know their prices to these numbers. Funnier still is that they are the winner of the 2007 award for Best Customer Service Management Team. I rang their customer service team some months ago and the girl had never heard of 1520 numbers and just like on their web site she had no information about them on her computer. I think companies should be required to list ALL their prices on their website in an easy to find manner – Hidden charges should be made illegal.

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