Subsistence rates

Had a conversation today with a friend who told me how “great” his accountant was, he thought because he didn’t pay that much for the accountant / book keeper (which is really what the guy was) that he was getting value for money!!!

When it comes to this type of thing in my opinion cheap is rarely cheerful. The guy saved a few hunderd quid in fee’s and showers out multiples of the fees in unnecessary taxes. Since he hadn’t given the accountant / book keeper his milage and subsistence hours he wasn’t recieving all his entitled tax breaks! Below are the main rates but ISME has all the relative explanations for them.

Overnight rates

Class of allowance__ Normal Rate__ Reduced Rate____ Detention Rate
A Class____________ €140.44_______ €129.48________ €70.21
B Class____________ €132.18_______ €113.05________ €66.12

Daily Rates

Allowance 10 hours or more

5 hours but less than 10 hours

I. Class of Allowances
The rate of allowance depend on the grade of officer. The approximate grade levels, and present minimum annual salaries, are broadly as follows:

Class A:
Assistant Principals, comparable and higher grades. €50,698

Class B:
Executive and higher Executive Officers and comparable grades €28,285

For individuals who are obliged to use their car in the normal course of their duties:
Motor Cars effective from the 1st of July 2006

Official Motor Travel in Calendar Year Engine Capacity

________________________________Up to 6437km________6438km and over
up to 1200cc______________________52.16 cent___________ 26.97 cent
Engine Capacity 1201cc to 1500cc____61.66 cent___________ 30.96 cent
Engine Capacity 1501 cc and over_____78.32 cent___________36.65cent

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