Stock broker scam??

Does this trade look dodgy to you?? I’m suspicious.

Yesterday under advice of a broker i was told to go into an “out right buy” which at the time i thought seemed like a good idea. The trade executed below the discussed / agreed value, which really pissed me off, since the shares hadn’t been traded in over a week on the open market, and it was within market size, so he should have been able to have accurate prices. Then i notice that there was another purchase of the same number of shares at the same price, same time (i’m thinking not by the market maker). Which makes me think this was a bit off a fiddle in the sense that the broker had someone trading out of the stock and sold it on, regarless of best interest – keeping the spread. I’ve read about this happening, but thought it wasn’t legal to instigate??

Considering if he was pushing the same trade to other clients then there would have been more trades over the past or next few days. I did chat with him about the trade after it went through, but am not at all satisfied with his response.

Any advice or comments appreciated.

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