Some Businesses Shouldn’t Use Twitter & Facebook

Social Media has become a buzz word in board rooms across the country, county enterprise boards are including in their news letters why everyone should be on twitter and it’s seen as the thing to do… even if you have no idea how to use them.

So stupid courses on how and why to use twitter have popped up (If you’re considering taking any course that in itself is a red flag to run the other way!), the random cafes i’ll visit and interiors designers i’ll never end up engaging with decide to add me to try increase their reach. They think the more followers they have the better… in essence its becoming like those business networks I hate so much everyone’s there to sell instead of collaborate.

This really came to a forefront today when a business replied to a job offer I sent through twitter saying they we’re new and didn’t read my message until now, two months later. I had assumed that since I reached out with two mediums they were uninterested. Instead by posting regularly to twitter but not reading their time-line or messages they looked unprofessional and ultimately lost money. If they were not on twitter, I would have used the phone instead.

Now obviously I’m a big fan of social Media, but like giving any sales presentation it’s better not to do it at all then to do it wrong. I do a huge amount of business via my small network on Twitter, I’ve hired services, consultants, bought products and even hired staff. But there is not short cut to relationships and for every post I make I read about 500 posts by other people.

So remember although it might seem like a great idea now, if you decide you don’t have time to continue checking the twitter account after a few months / years, you probably will end up worse off than if you never started out. In the same way as you might think it’s cute for all of two seconds for a stranger to gift a child a puppy without asking the parents first.

So what to do? Start a personal Twitter Account and be upfront that you work for your company, offer to help and join in the conversation. That way when people approach you they approach a person… because people is what twitter is about, not brands.

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