The Business RTE Radio 1

David Walsh (founder and CEO of Netwatch) and I joined George Lee on RTE Radio 1’s.

The Business RTE Radio 1

On the program we discuss the cross boarder trade within the EU and David Walsh tells a fascinating story of how they took the first steps to crack the US market and how Ireland should be tapping one of our most valuable natural resources – The gift of the gab, by starting a center excellence in sales training.

Also on the program we discuss how 27 different Vat regimes cause small businesses extra burden to tax collect for 27 different goverments and adhere to 27 different sets of rules – for example a Wheelchair in the Republic of Ireland has an exemption that no Vat is charged, but if we drive up the road to Northern Ireland there is no such exemption so Vat must be appraised on each unit sold relative to it’s delivery address. With such administrative burdens, cross boarder trade can seem unappealing.

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