EU Roaming rates loophole!

Although the EU has told mobile networks their customers must be able to call at a maximum price of 49c/min and receive calls for a max of 24c/min by the end of August 2007, some networks seem to be taking the wording a little too literally. Although it is available, some networks for example O2, wont give it to you unless you SPECIFIACLLY ASK FOR IT.

With O2 you must ask for the “My Europe” add-on, to get the reduction. So although you’ve seen your entitlements and think your getting the legal requirements its still very worth getting intouch with your operator, if you don’t they can screw you. Lets face it we all don’t check our tarrifs monthly and can’t rely on the networks for value for money.

So you could end up spending up to €12 euros for a 4-minute call when you think your paying €1.98!

Personally i think this is underhanded on the part of the greedy networks. Even at the EU reduced rates, roaming charges are still insanely over inflated considering the wholesale price of the calls.

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