Record companies still don’t get it – And its costing them MILLIONS!

Shopping for a few new tracks for a DJ Set i’m playing tonight in one of Dublin’s top nightclubs – Velvet in Swords and i’m shocked that in this day and age when companies are spending millions trying to get people to legally download music, record companies are still acting like they can pick and choose who they will and wont sell to.

One of my favourite places to shop online for music is BeatPort and was shocked to see a notice saying that people in my “terrority” can’t purchase one of the tracks that i wanted!! What sort of idiots would come up with such restrictions – its a blatent loss of revenue. I could buy the track on i-tunes, same version, but its part of a mix CD so that’s not acceptable for putting into a DJ Set. What annoys me further is its a newer remix of a track that i’ve bought several times over throughout the years… and the average punter can log onto a p2p server and download it illegally easily. Essentially meaning that a non professional or any average Joe can pull together a better record collectionas the expense of records company etc.

Not that i really loose sleep that record companies who refuse to make available songs legally loose revenue when people illegally download music they can’t buy anyway, then they download music they could buy, because frankly nowadays they are still making it harder to do it the legal way. The only reason i don’t use the illegal way is cause (1.) i believe in contributing to the people that are making the music i use to fill the clubs and (2.) the authorities are gunning for Professional DJs that illegally download music – which is fair!

My point is Record companies, should insist that the moment a song is on MTV, promo’d or released in America (etc.) it should be on worldwide LEGAL release on ALL TERRORITIES and ALL REMIXES! If they are sharing a licence like, for example, Nalin and Kane ft Denis The Menace – Cruising (Beachball Again). They should insist that the record companies make it available and share the license profits. After all punters like me are happily paying upto 2.5 times the normal download rate to get niche music like the music in this example ($2.49 instead of 99c on I-Tunes).

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