Pub Price Freeze – Spin Selling

As some of you may know i’ve put a complete freeze on TV and Newspapers in my life in the last year due do their negative take on the economy and general non-sense that makes it into the news these days.

I do however keep up to date with the salient points of whats going on through blogs and radio. When i read this take on the recent spin selling done with the Irish pub price freeze from The Irish Sentinel i thought you couldn’t have hit the nail on the head better:

So now when you go to a bar and ask for a pint of tap water with Blackcurrant cordial it’ll cost you the same €2.50 in a year’s time as it does now. A bottle of Stella that you can get for less than a euro in the off-licence will be €5.50 next December and it’s €5.50 now. A tiny measure of gin and a splash of tonic that costs the publican less than €1.50 but is sold for upwards of €7 depending on which bar won’t change in price one little bit. And when you’re in a late bar and the price of the pint goes up after 11pm then up again after midnight you can rest assured the prices will only go up by the same amount for the next 12 months.

I think people will recognise that we’re doing our bit for them and they need to do their bit for us by coming into town earlier and not drinking at home, the ungrateful bastards”.

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