Peter Jones & Young Entrepreneurs

Below is a speech from Peter Jones, Dragons Den Investor and inventor of one of my favourite terms Ultrapreneur. This speech echo’s something i’ve been saying through out this recession, it’s the best possible time in our lifetime to start a business. It also got me thinking what Ireland is doing to match this type of innovation.

This type of entrepreneur lead method of teaching teenagers and aspiring entrepreneurs of any age that there is an option of there to have a go yourself is sorely missed in Ireland. And while I don’t want to take away the great work of programs like the Young Entrepreneur competition and Mini Company program, I do feel schools and CEBs could do a lot more. I mean is there anything more silly than a teacher who has never worked in the real business world being responsible for the slight exposure a teenage encounters to the business start up lifestyle.

Wouldn’t it be great if every school had talks and speeches from people out there today making a change in the economy and doing it for themselves? I’m sure other business owners feel the same. Anyone know of how we can make this happen here in Ireland?

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