Paddy Tax Free – Phone Contest!

In support of the Paddy Tax Campaign i’m offering the winner of this contest one free Phone Costume. This competition is open to anyone who is going to attend one of the Anti 02 Paddy Tax demonstrations and is known in the blogging community. The intention of which would be to give the media a good picture to go with the story.

So on to the competition. The below Costume has a space on the screen where you can print out and insert a slogan. The winner of the competition will be the best slogan as decided by other posters and myself. If you don’t want to get the costumes you can still submit your slogan and if you like nominate a winner / wearer.

Not sure how long we will run the competition for – i will let the organisers of the campaign suggest when they would like the costume for i suppose.

Mobile Phone Costume

Ps. Please note this prize is being offered by me as an individual and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Costume Shop as a business.

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