Nokia combat battery life problem

The below post is taken from Pat Phelen’s Blog and i’ll definately be queueing up to get one, considering i’d quite happily prefer to leave home without clothes rather that with my mobile working. On my old 8800 i used to carry around 2 spare batteries everywhere i went cause it could rarely last the day without charging.

From Pat’s Blog:

One area which is going seriously backwards in an industry which is moving forwards at breakneck speed is batteries.
Nokia appear to be one of the first companies to address this with a press release today informing us of the imminent launch of Nokia Power Pack DC-1.

“A busy lifestyle means you may not always be conveniently near a power outlet when you need one – but now you can be. The Nokia Power Pack DC-1 has reserve power in a pretty and portable package, so you can take the equivalent of up to three batteries** with you and recharge your mobile device when you most need it. Compatible with Nokia 2mm charging interfaces, the power pack has two charge output cables so you can easily charge two devices at the same time. Available globally, it will cost an estimated 105 euro, without taxes”

So you can leave your multiple batteries at home, this charger gives you the equivalent of three batteries, excellent move by Nokia

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