No Cartridge Printers

Every now and then you come across a million dollar idea and (in a ‘Satori’ kinda way) wonder why no one else has ever bothered cashing in on such a simplistic concept. So if there’s any of you techies in the printing / computing field this one is for you, do us all a favour and make yourself rich.

In the same way that DYSON revolutionised the Vacum cleaner (over taking a brand that had such a strong choke hold that vacuming is still known as Hoovering in many homes because Hoover at one stage were so market dominant). I propose that in less than two years printer cartridges will go the way of the “hoover bag”.

Seriously why do we as consumers need printer cartridges??? I get why they want to sell them to us – few companies even breakeven on the printer itself but do so to get cash cows in the form of printer cartridges. But when you see these little refill printer cartridge shops all over the place all offering to re-inject ink into a cartridge surely some one should just bit the bullet and come up with a printer that you just poor the ink into – its a million dollar idea with severe market changing implications.

The mechanics would be fairly simplistic so don’t tell me it cant be done, the only reason it hasnt been done is the same reason you couldn’t legally download movies untill recently. Industrial laziness. You can be sure that a market disruptor will lauch the product in the not too distant future and everyone will scramble to get one. Major first mover advantage to be had in terms of the market positioning if branded and marketed correctly. Certainly i find myself changing cartridges once a week and its actually unnecessary.

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