Max Roam

Get a MAXroam SIM and Enjoy Global calls at local prices

Max Roam pull it out of the bag with thier latest upgrade to their service. As well as knowing some of the Team and holding them in the highest regard, I use my Max Roam daily – and can vouch that it works great.

Key Features of the update include:

· Full LIVE billing

· Local number list expanded, reductions on cost on local numbers

· Free call forwarding of your MAXroam numbers- zero cost roaming

· Send global SMS from your MAXroam account for only 5c

· Sales are 120% over targets for first Qtr.

· 5 new global carriers interconnected

· Connectivity running at 81% for QTR

· Full customer service hub opened

· Large upgrades planned for next two Qtr’s

· Appointment of Mr Christopher Kennedy as platform manager.

· Alliance with Global roaming, new group has 80,000 subscribers

There’s always loads on the blogsphere about max roam with several great bloggers, independant service companies such as Hotel Express and ofcourse my good friend Pat and the maxroam team all reporting good things. The reason for this chatter is that a small Irish company came along and gave the big bullies in the industry a slap in the face. That was just over a year ago and it now seems that with the latest upgrade, this company is no longer a small kid in the play ground, rather they’re giving the bullies reason to question their cartel. It’s is a success story worthy of any MBA studying.

Hey Pat, when your done any chance of writing a book???

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