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I’ve posted about this on my other blog, but i think this project is so unbeliveably great that i wanted to share this on a different level.

After radio enthuast and close personal friend Garv Rigby told me about the project i knew i had to become a part of the ISPCC’s Christmas FM initative.

I absolutely love this concept, Its win win win, win win! Absolutely everyone benifits – Essentially its charity on steroids. In our younger days i first met Garv in a pirate radio station i presented on called Pulse FM, will didn’t have a license, it was all voluntary and in 1999 when we shut down were the biggest station in Dublin by a long shot. Some of the best years of my life.

Garv and co. decided that Ireland needed a radio station exclusively to cater for the festive season, playing only christmas music. He developed the idea, applied for a temporary license and brought the Idea to the ISCPP. I imagine their pitch was something like follows – Hi the idea is Christmas FM, we’ll organise the whole thing, please try to make as much money as you can from the idea cause i believe in your organisation. Christmas FM was born.

Christmas Radio

Christmas Radio

So its a nice idea, but why am i so excited??

Its the positivity of the concept, I’m a strong believer in “Value-Ad” and understand that people are only motivated towards positive things and away from things they fear. I realise this will upset some people but i feel that (at least for me) people give to charities because it makes them feel great to do so and other times they give to charities to avoid feeling awful (thing of the emotive guilt driven TV ads). If you don’t agree with what i mean – give a larger amount that normal to a charity and notice the fuzzy feeling come over you.

This opportunity adds value to absolutely everyone and really doesn’t use any negative or fear motivators. When i heard about the idea i wanted to be involved and also offered to contribute to the cause (MyCostume Business Sponsors the breakfast show presented by Keith Shanley). Everyone else i talk to agress its a great idea. Models Naomi Cullen and Sarah Burns straight away offered to donate thier time any press requirements, shop owners said they’d tune in when it goes live, there’s just such positivity around the whole initative.

Christmas FM

Christmas FM

Its creating a value add for everyone in its catchment area, Dublin and not asking for anything back directly. Ofcourse we’d like you to donate to the ISPCC, but Christmas FM wants to lead by example – we’ll give first and then let you decide – once your in the giving mood of christmas. Now if that isn’t christmassy i don’t know what is.

Chirstmas FM goes live tomorrow (Nov 28th) on 89.9FM and runs until Dec 28th. Loads of special guests to be announced…

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