Irish Customers paying 31% more on branded goods

Reading the Irish Times article on how Irish customers spend 31% MORE on branded goods.

Prices have been adjusted for VAT and excise, so whats going? So who’s fault is it? Well actually its our own fault.

As the economy slows down in a natural re-adjustment of market dynamics, Irish customers are starting to think twice about just forking over their cash without shopping around. More and more people who see goods they like in retail stores turn to online providers to find the same items at what can often be a substancial discount.

While in Stephens Green the other day i noticed a greedy retailer that had a price tag 200% above the RRP of the Item in question. So should the Irish public cry foul? Well not really, market dynamics dictate that a retailer will sell an item at whatever price they can get. The Irish consumer needs to talk with their wallet. Make it hurt the retailers in their pockets. Shop around for bargains, choose items on specials, its something looks expensive look online and then buy it there. Better still, if you need it now go to the store manager and tell them you can get the same product online cheaper (so them a print out) and would they be willing to beat the price to get your business. Any store manager worth their salt would prefer a sale with a small profit margin over no sale and i’d go as far as saying a majority will give you a discount if pushed.

Problem is we, as a nation, need to grow some goolies and ask them for it.

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