Insurance in Ireland still a Joke

Irelands insurance policy’s are a complete joke, there seems to be absolutely no logic behind the numbers they pull out of the air and slap on your premiums. I heard a catchy ad on the radio and decided to give a try for my car insurance, based on their ad that they were so sure if they don’t beat your current premium they’ll change their price to beat the competition and give you an extra cash saving. So i logged on, lost five minutes of my life inputting all my personal information and guess what their quote was 1000 Euro more expensive than my current renewal price!!! Clearly they wont get my business even with their fancy promises to beat the current price, i just get an impression they are over promising and under delivering. Recklessly wasting potential customers time. I’d never even consider them for a quote again now. Clearly they must serve some niche (or be some way competitive in their own right?) but by advertising to the mass market they completely alienate they rest of the market and create an awful comsumer image.

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