Independent News Papers now resorting to Spamming

Like everyone else i hate SPAM – so i was a little surprised when a big company like Independent Newspapers – responsible for the Evening Herald and Irish Independent Dublin City editions, started resorting to Spam to try to make sales – there’s desperation and then there’s plain cheapening the brand.

Shows a real lack of ability on advertising excutive and in my opinion totally lets down the brand badly. Worse still the Papers send out testomonials from reputable companies (so they’re brand is also diminished by being associated with spam) and the arrogant muppet marked the spam as “URGENT”. Someone please tell Peter he’s a tool:

Peter O’Sullivan,
Advertising Sales, Independent Newspapers,
Intercall Management,
FreePhone: 1 800 30 40 30 Ext 585
Fax: 021 – 4366085
E-mail: [email protected]

Ps. I would strongly recommend against ever hiring if they are ok with using the medium of spamming to sell. I e-mailed them about it, but i sincerely doubt they care enough to respond.

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