Humor in Marketing

What do all these ads have in common?

(Watch the video below before reading on)

Well they’re entertaining and think carefully, can you name all the brands that the ads were meant to sell to you?? Can you even remember half?

By putting the brand at the very end of the ad the point of the ad is wasted because that is the exact time that the viewer has retracted to laugh or think about what they just saw.

So why do big companies, with big budgets so often waste money on a flop campaign?

It comes down to outcomes. The person giving a marketing company a brief will probably stress that they think the ad should be entertaining or reflect the fun persona on the brand – usually a reflection of their own personal persona. His/ her outcome is to be seen as entertaining and funny. Oh and the marketing company should implicitly know that they want to sell stuff too right??

Well the marketing companies outcome is to show the client and other potential clients how funny and smart they really are. Their main objective is to win recognition for their smarts, NOT to make product sales. If they can make an add that wins awards and gets loads of laughs that may bring in new clients. A more mundane ad that preforms is less appealing to them.

It comes down to the companies mission and vision. Stelios’ Easy brand has a mission to put bums on seats, if something doesn’t achieve this goal they simply don’t do it. No matter how entertaining the add is unless its going to make profit – just don’t do it.

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