How to choose a DJ for your event

Getting the right atmosphere at a party or event can be the most crucial part of organising any party. A large part of the atmosphere is often credited to the entertainment… so in the case the DJ. Think about the last wedding, for example you went to; for a large wedding they probably spent the same amount on finger food (not including the meal) as they did on the DJ. Can you honestly say the finger food made the difference??? A few days later were the guests still talking about the finger food?? But if the music was good and they danced the night away, you can be sure they’ll talk about what a great night it was.

So here’s a few basic questions worth asking every DJ or DJ agency. Do ring around and interview a few, its easy to say yes to finger food its also easy to end up with an equally un-memorable DJ!

1. Do you frequently do the type of event you want to book them for?

Some DJ’s specialise in different types of events, others are capable of a wide variety. You want to be sure that your event isn’t his training ground. If its a wedding you’ll want to be sure he/she has experience doing weddings.

2. Are you available on the specific date and how much do you charge?Vital pieces of information. Remember price isn’t always the only indicator of quality.

3. Do you use a written contract and require a deposit? It is often vital to ensure your DJ will show up to pay a deposit and sign a contract.

4. Do you have (insert appropriate types of music) and do you take requests?Its your event so it should be your taste of music. A good DJ can make everyone dance to his taste in music, A GREAT DJ can make everyone dance to your taste in music.

5. Do you use professional sound equipment?This is essential. Not only does cheap equipment sound poor, but it tends to break down which could ruin your night.

6. What if something goes wrong?
Do they have back up equipment? If the fall ill will they have a back up DJ? There reaction to this question seperates the Pro’s from the Wannabies.

7. Are you Vat registered?
Seems like an odd question but this is the ultimate difference between the semi-professional and the Professional. The majority of a DJs work is through referals (its also the best way to find a DJ, if you go to an event where you love the music – ask the DJ for his number) and if they are in demand, work regularily and are honest they will pass the VAT threshold. This they can’t fake! If they aren’t working regularily ask yourself why not and ask yourself if you want someone who is not at the top of his/her game. You might save a few euro but it might make the difference between a good and bad night.

DJ’s arent cheap, but the price / reward difference between the cost of an average and a great DJ is massive! If your going to pay for a DJ… Make sure you get a good one.

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