Hot Links 12 Feb 09

Inspired by my love of Damien Mulleys Fluffy links section which i love to read here’s a few things that are interesting me this week.

Fas’s Jobbank had me quite inspired this week with over 120 CV’s submitted to me within a 24 hour period. It got me thinking that if a recession means that if enterprises like mine can suddenly attract the kind of talent we have applying then it will be a very good thing in the Medium / Long term. I just wish i could hire a whole bunch of them.

Niall Harbison had a great idea this week and turned it around amazingly fast. went from concept to launch in less than a week. The idea is simple, tell the program what you have in the fridge and it will give you a recipe to turn it into a fancy meal. That’s dinner sorted for me from now on. Also Available on Twitter follow @Twecipe. All this in the same week he changes the Ifoods brand to Look and Taste The guys on fire.

Alan Launched

I confirm the date for my first U-18 DJ performance, of only 4 headline U-18 gigs in 2009 playing at Teenage Kicks @ Leisureplex on March 6th for Spin1038

Peter got screwed by Budget Rent a Car and didn’t lie down and take it.

Xocia did it’s pre-launch in Ireland, i was invited along – it was like a bad time share presentation, 45min presentation took 3.5 hours. I am planning on writing a blog post on this but out of respect for the person that invited me have agreed to give them a week before i publish it. In the mean time let it be said that the Business Model is completely flawed, its not a sustainable business and there is no such thing as a business that makes you money without you needing to understand the business itself. If you partake in XOCAI YOU WILL NOT MAKE MONEY only the top few of the pyramid will – if something seems to good to be true it is. I find it terribly unfair on those without the experience to run the numbers correctly.

Saw an interesting site Costume Shop Finder

, nice idea.

And Lastly Zatori Results announced that we’ll be launching a new business, the clock is on ETA 4 weeks. Its going to be very sexy.

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