Hoodlessbrennan Starting to be very annoying

When trading online i’ve been using hoodlessbrennan.com, now i’m not the most sophisticated investor but wouldnt be a novice either. So in the last year i’ve have two big gripes about Hoodlessbrennan.

1). The hoodlessbrennan advisory service SUCKS, avoid it at all costs! I made a huge error of opening an advisory account and taking their advice with minimal background research on the trades – assuming their broker was more sophisticated than me. I’d advise anyone to stay well away from this and here’s why – Unless your high net worth, your nothing more than a 10 pound comission to them, which they get if you win or loose. Small investors are the bottom step in the ladder and are given the good advice after everyone else is already in the trade – hense its no longer good advice. My “advisor” lost 60% on his account before i cut my losses and realised that while the “professional” was loosing bucket loads i managed a respectable 40% return on my execute only account.

2). Limits dont always work. Today i can see trades going through for higher prices (same volumes) as my limit orders. If sometimes you can’t trade online (you have to phone in) then how can you expect your limits to be executed online?? OK so this is possible with any service but it’s getting very frustrating. So far today two limits failed to execute.

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