High Level Group on EU Administration Burdens

I had the pleasure recently of speaking in Lisbon, Portugal, at the European Parliaments High Level Group of Administration Burdens regarding Job creation and Distant Selling Legislation.

It was a two day event when people including high level government officials and industry experts gathered to discuss the pro’s and con’s of cross boarder trade and what legislative issues and restrictions hold back progress within the EU economy.

One of the things that was a real eye opener is the pace and cost of such governmental events. With less than twenty people on the panel and lots of formalities, the pace was a lot slower than that of corporate environments were conclusions and decisions are made. There were interpreters to translate into several languages – which must have cost massively. While I loved the experience public service pace is definitely not for me.

The highlight of the trip was lunch with Maria da Assunção Andrade Esteves, President of the Assembly of the Republic. An invitation was brought to me after my speech, inviting me to lunch in Official Residence. Maria was extremely insightful, unlike some other politicians I’ve met, she had strong opinions and the arguments to back up and convince those who didn’t see her point of view. When she enters a room she completely owned the room, it’s a skill I’d aspire to emulate.

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