Hed Kandi – World Series Sanfrancisco

Hed Kandi - World Series Sanfrancisco

In the next installment of Hed Kandi’s mix CD releases comes the Hed Kandi – World Series Sanfrancisco Summer release for 2008.

It’s a good realease, i’d probably rate it a 7/10 but considering the way hed kandi has been going lately its a step in the right direction. One thing that really got to me about this release is that they’ve turned into indian givers. The Promo CD was RUINED with a VO roughly TWICE per track letting you know it was a “promotional Hed Kandi Release” – whats the point in distributing a CD to Industry influencers and then purposely making them enjoy it less. The repetitive VO sounds like a jingle from my days as a kid doing pirate radio, i don’t know what they were thinking, possibly that they could send out promo’s and tease DJ’s into buying it! Well thats not gonna work.

Over all a well mix CD, nothing amazing or over exciting about it, but nice to listen to near a pool.

Hed Kandi do get a little kudos though with the a Savage release from Ricki-Lee – Wanna little of this getting its general release later this month. 16th of May for the digital release and 23rd for the full release. Sundrenched Vocal house in its top form, guaranteed summer anthem. 9/10

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