Are An Garda a law onto themselves?

I’m was really annoyed (and slightly worried) this evening.

I got a call on my private mobile this evening, a gentleman wanted help from customer service at one of my businesses. As its outside of business hours this gent decided he’d call me on my mobile… now I don’t know this man and my personal mobile number is something very very few people have and although i like to work long hours… on a bank holiday like it is now i switch off from work, totally off.

So the obvious first question was – “Ofcourse i’ll can help you. But would you mind telling me where did you get my personal number”. He told me he looked it up. I explained it’s ex directory and not listed anywhere, thinking someone might have published it online . “Listen, it’s none of your business where I got your number, I have a problem and your gonna sort it out” – He was a Guard.

Now its not that i ever mind helping a customer, but no one likes been spoken down to, especially by someone ringing you in the middle of dinner. Since this guard has gotten my number illegally through his capacity as a guard (Is there no data protection anymore?), I was worried. Not that anything was wrong, but if a cop is the type that will break one law who knows i might find myself getting pulled over every ten minutes or worse.

So i left my dinner, luckily i hadn’t sipped the wine yet and drove into work. Traced his order and called him to tell him that it has been delivered this afternoon (it was only ordered yesterday) and was signed for by… and gave him the name of the guard on duty.

So that’s how i spent my bank holiday evening and now i’m in a foul mood….

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