Entrepreneurs – Just say No!

One big reasons start up businesses fail is because they are so busy trying to do everything that they don’t take the time to do anything really well. Customers, suppliers and stake holders all have their own interests to focus on. Sometime entrepreneur’s spend so much time trying to make everyone happy they forget that the reason they started the journey was because they had an end in mind. If what your currently focusing on isn’t helping get you to your goal then just say no!

Just Say No!

Just Say No!

Business owners should regularly look at the customers that they spend the most time appeasing and work out the cost of doing so – often you’ll find that they customer who takes so much of your time is in reality not the profit center you think. Sometimes it’s better to take a Jack Welsh approach, fire your bottom 10% – it forces continued growth! Now i wouldn’t be as full on a Mr. Welsh, but the theory stands to offer some insight! Don’t be afraid to fire customers, or suppliers for that matter, that are counter productive to you meeting your goals.

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