Eircom 7mb broadband a disgrace

Eircom as a business are a joke. I’ve been waiting for about three weeks to hear if they can provide a 7mb broadband connection. Oh and the’re charging me while i wait!!!! There still looking into whether their lines are capable of carrying such speeds in the area or for that matter broadband at all. From what i heard its very unlikely they could deliver cause anyone i know with 7mb connections rarely gets consistent 7mbspeed tests, but in a fair portion of the country they have a monopoly still so its their way or become very patient with a 3g dongel.

Like most tech people i would imagine, i never use a home phone (simply my contacts are in my mobile) so getting shafted for a 31.33 a month phone line is just an extra cost to get broadband. But what really pisses me off is that for them to sit on the arse for 4 weeks to check if they can even provide a broadband service they insist on charging you for the “service” that they can’t yet and don’t know if they will ever be able to provide!

Its a disgrace. Minister Eamon Ryan’s Broadband Promises and national broadband scheme are laughable.

If the gov want to get the economy stimulated, they need to get their act together. The future is very much online and tech exports, companies like mine bring in much needed fund the exchequer by exporting through online businesses or even simply businesses that need email to make job creation happen. Forget fancy stimulus packages and bailing out slothful companies, get back to basics and lets give people the basic tools that people need to function in today’s environment.

********Update 11th May 2009******************

After a months “subscription” they finally tested the line, due to a line being down for several months (which they informed me of when first running the cables to the house) and not being fixed they Eircom cannot provide ANY BROADBAND service. I’m starting to question if they really needed a month to test the line or if that was a revenue generating ploy???

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