Don’t mess with my man

Yet another example of Hed Kandi Vs Fierce Angel bumping heads. Fierce Angel came out with “Buzzjunkies – Don’t mess with my Man” on their Es Vive 2007 compliation. And this morning the Promo arrived for the Hed Kandi take on this track released by Lucy Pearl in 2000. Having first mover advantage by getting into the main stream singles market Booty Luv are gonna ash in on this remix with good reason. They are the big guns, well established compared to the Buzzjunkies and with Seamus Haji on the remix they can’t go wrong. I’m a bit on the fence as to which ones better though. I think i’ll be playing the Buzzjunkies if its the start of the night and Booty Luv during the middle of the night – its got more of a sing along factor.

Both of them get 8 / 10 IMO.
Booty Luv Released 10th September, available on Hed Kandi Download as of the 3rd of Sept. Debute album Boogie 2Nite released at the same time.

Booty Love – Don’t mess with my man:

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