Delivering Happiness – Book Give Away

Tony Hsieh, without doubt one of my favourite CEO’s had his people send me me two copies of his new book being released in June 2010 (In America at least might take even longer to get over here). He suggested I should give away the second copy of here on my blog.

Zappos sold out to Amazon for 1.2Billion last year, which I love since after all Amazon already we’re doing everything Zappos we’re doing, just in a different way. Tony is a serial entrepreneur and really gets that working shouldn’t be a chore, all of his employees love the company. The sheer atmosphere at their Las Vegas head quarters is insane. Getting a job in Zappos for many is a dream come true and to ensure they haven’t hired someone without the love they offer $2,000 for new employees to quit.

The two people who i’ve heard talking about the book (Tim Ferris and Kevin Rose) both rave about it and have just started the first few pages, it only arrived this morning, but trust me it’s full of great insights. The book is available to pre-order Amazon.

I’ll update the post in a few days once i’ve read the whole book but in the mean time, I have this second book to give away. Simply post a comment below and I’ll choose a winner at random in a week.

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