Defected records come out trumps

I have to take my hat off to Defected records. These guys in a sweet inspirational burst of logic gave their customers exactly what they want! Curing two of my pet hates in one album.

1. Defected released a “DJ Format” CD which is the full unmixed 12″ mixes of the tracks on their latest Mix CD compliation. Most Djs like myself simply don’t buy certain compliations because they are pre-mixed and we need the full versions of the tracks we play. Would i have bought the album if it was mixed? Certainly not, infact i’ve passed the mixed version in the shops a few times before and not even lifted it.

2. Defected supplied “cd wallet” inserts with their album! Sounds simple but this little move is a huge favour who has to scan in the back of the album cover and print it out (or try find a fitted tracklisting online) every time they want to add an album to their collection.

These two simple steps moved defected as a label that i sometimes buy into a definate buy. I’m hoping some other companies will copy these two practices.

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