Create extra hours in your working week!

Had a bit of a Satori moment today, which has me feeling like i just added a few (desperately needed) hours to my week. Ok so there’s nothing new skool about this at all, its just a bunch of old technologies that i’m using in a new way.

Here’s the concept in brief – PDF on computer in the car, engage voice function, connect to car radio via bluetooth and walla multi-task! I just created four extra hours in my life per week!! Highly Productive multitasking and simplicity at its very best.

I’m now gonna use this concept on all my long journeys to read loads of e-book which i’ve been promising myself i’d get around to. This is gonna replace my Audio Book problem of not being able to get enough material.

Here’s the story behind the idea:

First of all i should mention i’m dyslexic and a slow reader before everyone posts that you can read way fast than listen, point taken; but i drive two hours every Thursday and Friday to and from a gig I DJ at so this is the handiest way to get info into my head.

I had a large PDF document to go over for tomorrow, its a proposal i needed to go over for work – but as usual i’ve a thousand things to do and not enough time. The idea originated while reading Moshe Maeir’s blog and discovered the “listen now” button from Odiogo which turns Blogs into Podcasting! Savage piece of technology. Anyway i decided i’d listen to Moshe’s blog in the car on the way home using my 3G wireless broadband, to test it out and try save time – it worked impressively well. So when i arrived home i hooked up the cars bluetooth to the Laptop and now my mobile university just got a massive extension!

Now i’m thinking that i can have PDF’s on my N95 phone… I’ll test that theory later…

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