Consumer physhology in a Recession

Saw this video on Karina’s 121BizNet blog. Harvard business offer free insights on their blogs and TV networks that allow dedicated business people to keep up to date with the latest trends in markets – which i’ve always found to be amazing help when your stuck on certain topics. You don’t need a degree anymore to understand and take advantage of best market practice. In fact it could be argued that in a recession people with degrees stand, on occasion, a slight dis-advantage as high paid jobs become scarce and companies fear employing someone with high qualifications at a lower wage will lead to them leaving as soon as the economy starts to recover. I personally know a few people who are omitting their masters qualifications on their CV to help seek employment, but i digress, watch the Vid if you have a spare few mins.

It got me thinking about how people who are not massively income effective are buying into the recession simply due to consumer sentiment and in turn how to refocus strategic marketing to facilitate the mindset of the consumer, hence growing your market over all and thus market share, even in the bad times.

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