Connections, Comments and Conversions

Mitch Joel made a point that really resonates with me in the below speech. “Negative reviews can have a higher conversion”.

The conversation is being had, it always has been, just nowadays the conversation is easier to find and bad companies are easier found out. What really becomes important is how a business deals with this shift. Do you embrace the community and join in, or do you operate a them VS us mentality and hope you can swim against the crowd.

Trust is a huge part of an online brand, if a customer isn’t sure about the vendor, the advice is clear – go somewhere else you do trust. So it’s therefore obvious that if you have a brand that chooses to restrict speech, pick and choose customer comments that you publish on your site so that only the favorable part of the conversation is had on your domain – you can be sure the unfavorable other half of the conversation will be had elsewhere.

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