Christmas FM 2009

Christmas FM

Plans for the 2009 Christmas FM are getting off the ground already. In truth the plans for expansion have been growing ever since Xmas FM closed down last year, we really didn’t expect such a massive audience and to raise as much as we did for the ISPCC – Christmas Fm received over 10,000 text message during its one month on air!

This year were ramping up the operation. Plan’s to expand the broadcast to Cork this year as well as in an even wider range in Dublin and the surrounding commuter belt are underway. This years charity is the Simon Community, who’s work in the current climate is more important than ever. Sometimes the whole issue of homelessness is so difficult to even comprehend its effects on those that are involved – its easy completely avoid the issue. It’s something that Simon are committed to change and we want to get behind them to help.

At the moment were searching for new sponsors who would like to sponsor the whole station, a single show or even a little part of the website. If your in a position to do so please leave a comment below and we’ll get in touch, but if your not in a position to sponsor we’d love to hear suggestions of what businesses we should approach. I’ve mentioned this before on the blog last year but this in my opinion is the best leverage of a charity donation a business can do – Giving a donation that is a tax write off and then letting us use that donation and multiplying it over and over to a point where Simon can really change lives.

The below example of how EBS used leveraged its money and teamed up with Simon to add real tangible. Now add over half a million listeners, non – stop Christmas music and some great presenters and you’ll agree everyone wins.

We really want your input, not just in terms of donations. We need businesses to play the station in their stores and workplaces. We need bloggers to link to and help spread the story – And most importantly we need your idea’s of how to make this so much bigger.

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