CheapChats 0818 272774 access number is currently down

CheapChat Irelands access number 0818 27 27 74 was down. This is due to technical problems and although the technical guys are working flat out at fixing it, i’d imagine it will take a few more days. For now i suggest using our 1520 932 904 instead of the 0818 272 774 number to access all our national rate numbers this will connect to all. However this will cost 15c/per min, instead of the 8c peak/ 5c off-peak as usuall.

I apologise to all my customer and appreciate all the e-mails that have come in. Also i have been blown away by the supportive nature of the e-mails, I haven’t had one negative comment one as of yet dispite how badly i feel about the service being down for our regular users. Clearly we have incredible customers.


Update: The 0818272774 access number is back up and running. Thanks for all the support.

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