Bosses urged to check Bebo

On the news this evening they were talking about how bosses should “reach out” to potential employees on social networking web sites such as Bebo according to ISME. I’m surprised a little that this is news to anyone! Anyone that thinks they are talking from behind a screen when they talk openly anywhere online and it’s saying something about people just by them thinking that way. We should all realise by now we are traceable by our IP address.

Bebo has an option to be “private” which makes you unaccessable via search engines, if you’re in anyway shady or like to talk about being lax at work, this option is for you. On the other hand, which wasn’t mentioned in the news, its yet another means to impress employers (or customers /clients). I have no problems with my businesses, customer or suppliers reading anything i say online. I wouldn’t say anything in text that i wouldn’t say to someones face. But there are means to impress online. Think how many service providers /products you’ve discovered as a result of blogs?

I think this focus on social networking sites will in due course become less weighted in the decision making program. In the coming down turn in Ireland, many smart people will end up competing for new jobs. The smart ones could easily set up ‘staged’ blogs, bebo or facebook sites. Think about it, how easy would it be to set up an account and send it messages that imply you are the most hard working stand up employee known to man; and since its apparent “third party” info its semingly more credible. Enter the two edged sword for vetting employees.

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