Bardon Molumby

Had an awful experience with Bardon Molumby accountants in Portlaoise. Agreed an appointment for last Friday with their senior partner Tom Tyrrell, at their offices at a time which he chose, 2pm.

I arrived early at 1.50, office was closed so i sat on the steps for 20 minutes. Eventually, after a trip to the shop, i caught someone arriving back to their offices and told them that i had an appointment with Mr. Tyrrell and there had been noone to let me in. My Jaw dropped when i was told that he was off socialising to say goodbye to a member of staff leaving the firm. “He’s just around the corner in a restaurant”, followed on the employee – “i’ll call him!”

After a further 10 minute wait, along with several other clients in their waiting room, while the accountants were socialising on office time. I decided i could no longer stand for this ignorance and left a business card with the only working staff member (of apparently 30+ in the firm), explained that the wait was unacceptable since it was he that chose the date, time & venue and asked for a call.

I understand that everyone can make mistakes but was absolutely furious when i never recieved an apology for being stood up! Even when i followed up with an e-mail. This sort of business don’t care arrogance disgusts me.

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