AIB Sandyford industrial estate attempted robbery 23rd August 07

Had an eventful lunch break today. Was going to the bank at sandyford industrial estate and the guard armed response unit burst onto the scene to foil an attempt at robbing a secure truck delivering cash to an ATM. The armed response unit scretched around the corner, jumped out guns in hand with flash bang grenades firing off, and using stun guns and very little force arrested 3 people. Gotta say i was really impressed with the garda reaction, they were extremely professional and efficient. As were the senior management at AIB. I’m sure we’ll find out more in tomorrows newspapers.

+++++++ Follow up ++++++

It was on the news tonight. 9mm gun was recovered from the armed robbers (aged 27, 32 and 33) and it was said that it is believe that it was part of an investigation into a crumlin based gang.

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