ahhh Vodafone!!!

You gotta watch these guys like a hawk.

Having sent an E-mail to my account manager some time ago asking for our entitled EU roaming rates, i assumed we had them.

Then i spend this last week trying to ring “my business account manager” who wouldn’t answer his phone about another matter (being overcharged!!). So i rang the general number for business queries and i’m delighted to report i got through straight away to a very professional & friendly rep (Vodafone promote “Emma” for excellence in customer service). Anyway back to point, “my business account manager” left the company and at no point did they think it was important to tell me as a client. Nore was a simple voice message left on his phone or an automated e-mail response sent when i e-mailed. How can a multimillion euro business get customer satisfaction so wrong???


Follow up – Said Business manager has not left the company as he called me yesterday… Still not resolved my problems.

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