Self Parking Car


New Lexus is a self-parking car! ‘Select reverse in the Lexus LS460 and the big saloon will steer itself in to a parking space’. Ok so this is completely unnecessary and probably not worth the extra cost – but its a cool party trick and is just another step in the direction of cars that drive themselves (due in a hundred years or so). What is cool is the active cruise control that will sense a slow car ahead of you on a motor way and alerts the driver. Hasn’t got night vision like the new Mercs but erm, lets not encourage people too much to take their own eyes of the road.

I’m a big Lexus fan cause here in Ireland they don’t have the smugness of driving a Merc and arent as common as BMW’s. There a lovely drive, very comfortable and mine always puts a smile to my face when im in it.

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